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Whispers and Bricks Academy! is the perfect program for leaders of corporations, religious and interfaith organizations, humanitarian organizations, and nonprofits. Anyone who advocates teamwork, unity, harmony, and change. It is perfect for anyone looking to make a lasting change in their life whether it be in their personal life, professional life or financially; achieving work-life balance and finding ways to cope with challenging times. Don’t wait. Book a call now to find out more.

The 7-week  Whispers and Bricks Academy



Welcome to Whispers & Bricks Academy. My name is Ari Schonbrun and I’m your coach. Tell me something, do you feel like you’re stuck in the mud, like you’re spinning your wheels, wasting time in your career, your business your life. If you know you’re not enjoying all the success, satisfaction, and significance that you desire, then it’s time for your own personal breakthrough. 

What is a breakthrough? A breakthrough is something that changes the outcome of your life going forward, and ensures that things will never be the same for you again, and I mean that on a positive side. Most of all, you have to have the courage and the bravery to stop settling for second best. That’s what I was doing, settling for  second best, up until 9/11. That’s when I got hit with a brick, which well, totally, totally changed my life. It was a rebirth, it was all brand new. It was an incredible experience. It was literally out of the ashes, that I arose, and my life took a turn 180 degrees for the better. 

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