“Wow, what a powerful way to kick off our conference. Thank you very much for sharing your journey and lessons with us. Jeff Morgan President and CEO of the CMAA  
Enjoyed having you with us!!! You did a great job for us, and I truly hope we get to work with you again!!

Brooke McCoy
Marketing Manager/MYB Manager
Mississippi Bankers Association
It was an honor and a pleasure for me to introduce you at the Mississippi Young Banker’s Conference.  Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us.  I will never forget what I heard from you.  God bless you sir!!

Marc Petro
President, Hinds-Madison Division Community Bank
"Hi Ari, Just wanted to thank you again for inspiring us during our visit. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to spend time with you. We will certainly remember you."

University Texas, Jewish Learning Fellowships
"I have heard nothing but great things about your time at our conference. People were truly inspired by your story and they loved meeting you. You made the effort to connect with our teams and they love that!"

Melissa Freese
Morgan Properties
"You captivated our students while sharing your experience on 9/11. They will truly not forget the events that unfolded that day because of the time you dedicated to our group this afternoon. Your closing remarks were thought provoking and will resonate with our students and chaperones for years to come. We can't thank you enough!"

Katie Tobin
King School
"Your story brought me to tears. How you changed your life is so inspiring. I will share your story with my family and team at GE."

Chris T.
"Mr. Schonbrun had a profound impact on many of us,” said junior Amanda Lewis. “I thought that if he could survive 9/11 and use his experience to motivate us, then we could look inside ourselves to accomplish anything. By the end of his talk you could tell that the students, and even the faculty were fired up for this semester."

Amanda Lewis
Hartford University
"Hearing you speak in 2008 changed my life but reading your book has reinforced that and changed my perspectives even further."

Tasha C. Field
I can't thank you enough for yesterday. The students and faculty  enjoyed and were very much inspired by your talk enormously.. The conversations even continued back in the classrooms. Many different points resonated with different people. Your talk also motivated us to take the tragedy and do our part to make a difference in the world. It made a huge impact on all of us.

Rabbi Richard Kirsch
Kushner Academy
"The audience was riveted. One person told me he was planning to leave early and was only going to stay for the first few minutes. He stayed the whole time. He was hooked!"

Yagdil Torah
"Your talk...was in the category of a grand slam in the World Series. All of our students were moved and many were in tears."

R.O.O.T.S. on Campus
"Interesting, insightful, and inspirational...Your vivid portrayal of events had everyone mesmerized! Everyone who heard you came away with a glimpse of the Bigger Picture."

DATA - Dallas Area Torah Association
"You were amazing! The students were blown away by your talk and they voted you were the best speaker on the trip."

Aish Connections
"The speaker was inspirational and motivational...It was a wonderful story of survival and faith."

BOMA Toronto
"I have never had a lecture where I had so many requests for a recording of the speech."

Peltz Center for Jewish Life
"I have just purchased your book and finished reading it in a day. I totally agree with you that we all need to turn back to God and His mercies. Thank you for writing the book."

B. King
"Our dinners are generally known for having interesting speakers, but many of the participants told me that he was among our best."

Rabbi Chaim Willis
Aish Johannesburg
"Ari is truly one of the most impactful speakers we ever had."

Sruly K.