Check Out My Podcast Whispers and Bricks

If you’re struggling in your career, business or your life, this podcast is for you. You’ll hear not just my own story of how whispers saved my life that day, but also those of my extraordinary guests who listen to those little voices, the “whispers” to take a better path into their best lives.

“Whispers & Bricks” is all about how we make life decisions. Paying attention to the “whispers” as they can lead us in exactly the right direction at exactly the right moment. Or by ignoring the “whispers”, you might get hit with a brick instead! We all go through periods in our lives where everything feels like it is blowing apart. I’m here to help you navigate, like a phoenix out of the ashes, through the circumstances of your own 9/11 so you too can bounce back and catapult forward to a life you’ve always dreamed of.


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