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Event Recap | Ari’s Thoughts

I’m still floating. I was in Philly yesterday and spoke in 2 venues. The first was a boys high school. I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that almost none of the kids that I spoke to were alive on 9/11/2001. But they were totally mesmerized. Great group of kids.

In the evening, I spoke for an organization called Russian American Jewish Experience – RAJE. What an incredible audience. I spoke for an hour and they still wanted more. The program ended at 9:15 but I didn’t leave until 10:30. People kept coming over to me wanting to know more, wanting to hear more. They were so inspired. Needless to say I sold a bunch of books as well.

Therefore I have decided that any organization that books me to speak between now and February 28th, whether it be a for-profit corporation or a non-profit, I will be charging a discounted rate of $1,800.

In order to get this special discounted rate, go to my website Arischonbrun.com, click on the “book an event” tab and under “promo code” type in 1800.

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