Ari Schonbrun At Tomchei Shabbos

Helping Others in Need this Passover

Very often, in my presentations, I talk about doing things to try and make this world a better place. I give some examples such as visiting the sick or the aged, helping a friend or neighbor, giving charity, etc. This past Sunday I was blessed to be able to give not only money, but to give of my time and energy as well. This is the season of Passover. There are many restrictions on what a person may and may not eat and Passover food tends to be expensive. My wife often tells me how much it cost to feed our family for the Passover holiday and it is truly mind blowing. Thank the good Lord that my wife and I both work and that we have the funds to buy what we need in order to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, there are many people who just don’t have the money to buy the necessary food items. Fortunately, there is an organization for whom I volunteer that not only distributes food to over 300 families in our neighborhood on a weekly basis but goes out of its way to make sure to distribute most of the Passover food items that one would need to celebrate the holiday properly. On this one day every year we get in excess of 400 volunteers who come down to help pack and deliver 27 different items to each of these families. Each order is tailor made for the individual families. What’s even nicer is the fact that the packers have no idea who the recipients are and even the drivers who deliver do not know the recipients as there are no names to be found anywhere. Packers only see order numbers and drivers only see addresses. It is exhausting work but when I sit down to celebrate the Passover Seder every year, I have a real sense of satisfaction knowing that I have helped others to be able to celebrate the holiday in the same fashion that I celebrate. It is an invaluable lesson for my children and grandchildren and I am proud that they are following in my footsteps.

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