Ari Schonbrun

Forum for Jewish Leadership – July 15, 2016

I had the opportunity to speak to a group from the Forum for Jewish Leadership or FJL. There were about 40-50 young adults from the UK and they were visiting the States. It was an incredible experience for all concerned. They were soaking up every word and I was thriving on their attentiveness.

Ari Schonbrun

After the talk there was a 15 minute Q&A and some of the questions were amazing.

Ari Schonbrun

This is a quote from Ben T. who was leading the group:

”I have spent the last few days with the group now and the feedback from your talk has been incredible.  Student after student saying it was the best talk of the trip and was deeply moving and inspiring. Thanks so much again for making time.”

Up next, Detroit on July 28th.

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